Saturday, August 15, 2009

doggy day!!

I got a dog today!!! A bit different then the yorkshire terrier which I was set on. I decided to go with a Havanese x Chihuah, the CUTEST dog ever. I will post pictures tomorrow am to tired right now to. His name is BOSCO, full name is: Bosco George Costanza Young :p.

COOKIES, If anyone know how I got the name 'bosco' from seinfeld and George. I pretty much fell for him as soon as I saw him! Such beautiful markings, brown, gold and white! The lady who worked there said a man was interested in him but Bosco didn't show any affection to him. Which is awesome cause I have him and he licked my hand and face! There was another one I liked but he was already spoken for. Am very happy with Bosco and he is fitting in just fine here. The kids love him, especially Deakon. Who Bosco is very attached to already.

Well I am off to bed. First night with Bosco, so who knows how much sleep I will get. But tomorrow is Sunday, woo hoo. LOL. Bosco is in his crate asleep already. I am hoping to get a much bigger one so he will have a bit more space at night time and when we/I am out. Pictures tomorrow!!

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