Saturday, August 15, 2009

doggy day!!

I got a dog today!!! A bit different then the yorkshire terrier which I was set on. I decided to go with a Havanese x Chihuah, the CUTEST dog ever. I will post pictures tomorrow am to tired right now to. His name is BOSCO, full name is: Bosco George Costanza Young :p.

COOKIES, If anyone know how I got the name 'bosco' from seinfeld and George. I pretty much fell for him as soon as I saw him! Such beautiful markings, brown, gold and white! The lady who worked there said a man was interested in him but Bosco didn't show any affection to him. Which is awesome cause I have him and he licked my hand and face! There was another one I liked but he was already spoken for. Am very happy with Bosco and he is fitting in just fine here. The kids love him, especially Deakon. Who Bosco is very attached to already.

Well I am off to bed. First night with Bosco, so who knows how much sleep I will get. But tomorrow is Sunday, woo hoo. LOL. Bosco is in his crate asleep already. I am hoping to get a much bigger one so he will have a bit more space at night time and when we/I am out. Pictures tomorrow!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Beagle or Yorkshire Terrier

I have finally narrowed it down to two breeds of dogs that I would like. A BEAGLE or YORKSHIRE TERRIER. Now the hard part, deciding what one!! Obviously whichever one I fall in love with and vise versa. I am kind of leaning towards a Yorkshire Terrier and maybe in a few years I will get a Beagle.

I asked my brother If I can get 2 dogs and he said that is So for now I have a hard decision to make. Decisions are not my forte at all, it comes with being a gemini. Ugh!! LOL. Anywho here are some names I have been thinking of. I am almost down to 3 names for a boy and 2 names for a girl. They are pretty much fandom based. Can you guess which movies, tv shows..etc? Ha HA! :p
Bold are the names I really like :)

Oz (not after ozzy osborne, but australia, and a tv show that I like)
Harry Potter (my nephew really wants this name)
Scooby (I am kinda leaning towards this name for the lil guy, everyone likes brother, neice and nephew)
Neville Longbottom
Sirius Black
Cedric (my brother doesn't like this or Sirius, but I do :p )

Ruby ( a tie between this name and Luna)
Molly Weasley
Luna Lovegood

Decisions, I hate making them sometimes even if Its for something I really really want. Any help? He He!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

lazy saturday

Today I decided to have a lazy day! As I am suppose to be in Oregon right now for my cousins wedding :( ..pretty sad that I am not. So I am just going to laze around the house and maybe goto DQ or subway for dinner and do my grocery shopping tomorrow.

Right now I am just doing some laundry and drinking some yummy starbucks coffee that I bought last week.

I am so glad its the weekend! I've been babysitting my niece and nephew pretty much full time and it wares me out. They are 6 and 3 and quite a handful, fun, but a handful!! Especially the 3 year old who likes to be bad for some reason every time we come home from the park o.o .. she's already lost her bike privlages for 2 weeks because she wouldn't listen to me and bite me on the way home!! She is a sweetie but a monster when she is mad, shes my 'lil miss trouble'..her new nickname that I came up with last week, lol!

Ending this post with a cross stitch that I finished this week! My 2nd ever cross stitch and my own pattern that I got the idea from cute paper I bought on etsy.

PS: looking for friends! I hope to update this blog often!! :)